On April 17 Haemophilia Foundation Australia will join the global bleeding disorders community to mark
World Haemophilia Day.
For 2017 the theme is HEAR THEIR VOICES to unite the community and show support for the millions of
women and girls affected by bleeding disorders. Landmarks, buildings and bridges will turn red around the
world to recognize them on 17 April.

Kennedy Lane, Railway roundabout and Elizabeth Mall in Hobart is supporting World Haemophilia Day and
will turn its lights red, along with many other landmarks around Australia and internationally.

Dave chats with Gavin Finkelstein, HFA President on World Haemophilia Day this year coinciding with Easter Monday Public Holiday.
Dave find out more than 5,600 Australians have been diagnosed with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders that can be life threatening.

1 Haemophilia is rare and incurable, occurring when people don’t have enough of an
essential clotting factor in their blood to control bleeding. Although most people diagnosed are male,
females can also have bleeding symptoms and some females have haemophilia.

2.Von Willebrand disorder,which is more common, affects females and males equally. This year we acknowledge the impact of bleeding disorders on women and girls and invite them to tell their story of their experience.
There are approximately 130 people diagnosed with bleeding disorders in Tasmania.
April 17 was chosen as World Haemophilia Day in 1989 by the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) to
celebrate the birthday of its founder, Frank Schnabel.

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