Volunteer Radio Announcer? Me?

Yes, YOU!

We’re after some enthusiastic volunteers to join our on-air announcing team. All training is provided, no experience necessary, all you need is  a desire to share a message of hope to Hobart, a willingness to learn, a desire to get involved, and an hour or two spare to give each week, during business hours.

But isn’t it really complicated and technical?

Well…it’s not that hard. If you’re comfortable with using a computer we can teach you all you need to know. Plus, we can help you discover your talents, what works best for you, and give you any tips you need to make your radio experience as smooth as possible.

You’ll be a pro in no time!

If you think you might be interested in having a try on radio, give us a call today, on 6234 5900, or email Scott, at scotth@ultra106five.com

Megan Sayer

Megan Sayer

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