Dave catches up with Stuart Eaton ahead of the 2017 Australian Karate Federation Tasmania State Championships this Sunday at New Town High School in New Town.

Approximately 50 eager karateka (karate students) from seven dojo (literally meaning “place of the way”) from Tasmania and Victoria will be putting their best foot forward in an effort to seize a podium spot.

Dojos being represented this year include:

Karate Budokan Tasmania (NW)       Kintora Shotokan Karate-Do (S)

Kei Shin Kan Karate (N)                   Shotokan Karate Budokai (S)

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Kimekai Karate Tasmania (S)            Torakan Shotokan Karate-Do (NW)

Kimekai Karate Victoria

Individuals to keep an eye on include Kintora Shotokan Karate-Do’s Suzie Jones, (Godan – 5th Dan) who is likely to dominate women’s open kata.

While T’Meika Knapp (Sandan – 3rd Dan) from Kimekai Karate Tasmania will be the one to beat in the women’s open kumite.

However, Knapp can expect some tough opposition from Kimekai Karate Victoria’s Renee Cook (Nidan – 2nd Dan) who is an experienced national level competitor.

Karate Budokan Tasmania’s Bowen Slater (Shodan – 1st Dan) has performed strongly in men’s open kata and is likely to do so again on Sunday.

As will Kintora Shotokan Karate-Do’s Motohiro Fujiura (Nidan – 2nd Dan) who is a very capable and spirited competitor.

Young gun Jack Slater (Nidan – 2nd Dan) should be exciting to watch in the men’s open kumite.

All will be using the championships as preparations for the National titles scheduled to be conducted in Liverpool, New South Wales from August 4-6.

The National titles will see approximately 400 athletes fight it out for National honours at the Whitlam Leisure Centre.

Competition on the day will include junior, senior and veteran divisions across both kata (patterns) and kumite (sparring) disciplines.

Marshalling will commence in the New Town High School at 8.30am with the first event scheduled to start at 9.00am and entry for spectators will be by gold coin donation