This Saturday the Southern Football League (SFL) is holding a GI Cancer Awareness Round in order to raise awareness and funds for the GI Cancer Institute.

David Wood finds our more chatting with one of the organisers Celeste Miller.

GI (gastrointestinal) cancer is a term for the group of cancers affecting the digestive system including cancers of the
• Oesophagus
• Liver
• Kidney
• Stomach
• Bowel
• Small Intestine
• Gall bladder
• Pancreas

They are the most common form of cancer in Australia but have the lowest survival rates with 49% survival rates over 5 years compared to breast cancer (90%) and prostate cancer (92%).

We are running the day in memory of my dad who lost a short 3 month battle with Oesophageal Cancer earlier this year –

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We have a corporate donor for the Lindisfarne match on Saturday which is named “Let’s Kick Cancer!”, Slater & Gordon Lawyers will be donating $100 for every goal Lindisfarne kicks.